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I stumbled across this video doing the rounds on facebook and thought it was decent enough to give it a share.

This whole concept of ‘random acts of kindness’ (which are not random at all) is becoming very popular at the moment. If you recall, when the ‘neck-nominate’ fad was popular some people were countering it with nominating people to do random acts of kindness. I believe this is fantastic, and while I don’t think we should video every act of kindness we do, I feel that sometimes a video can encourage us all to rethink our attitude towards kindness.

I am an evangelical Christian, and sometimes, us evangelicals can get caught up in wrong theology. It is easy to get caught up in the mindset that if an action doesn’t lead someone to Christ it is worthless. This can sometimes be a crippling attitude to have, and may limit or even prevent us from doing anything good unless we can justify it with some sort of full on gospel presentation. Please do not misunderstand what I am saying; as the one need humanity has is to hear the gospel. BUT I believe we must reconsider of approach at times. It is not bad to do nice things. It is not worthless to see someone who is struggling, suffering or in need and help them in an immediate way. Just check out Jesus as an example. Feeding the 5,000, turning water into wine, or his many acts of healing. While these acts of extreme kindness were not the message, these actions pointed to who he was.

In the same way our actions point to the kind of people we are.

1 John 4 talks about what love is. Love is an action. We know what love is because of Jesus and his action love. We have a message, but does our message contain an action also?

I find these reminders that we can do some good for others by meeting an immediate need extremely helpful. It challenges my heart for the world. If I don’t look at their immediate struggles and feel a strong urge to help I doubt my heart really yearns for them to be helped by the gospel.

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Jesus wants the rose

One of my favorite clips ever.

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To experience God’s love

Not really my post at all, but came across this in the Gospel Coalition and thought it was definitely worth sharing. We can be really busy as Christians, and make a to do list for the week. Go to church, tick. Read bible every day with my bible notes, tick. Pray, tick. If you want to be super holy, attend mid week church meeting, tick. Serve in the church in some way, tick. All of these are actions. Something we do, and can tick off.

This article struck me because actually, this isn’t an easy action. It’s a life pursuit that we must work out. Enjoy reading.
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What Every Mother Wants

I am prolific at missing major events. Birthdays, anniversaries and special occasions. I have missed countless weddings of friends and cards for every occasion normally arrive at least a week late.  This Mothers Day is no exception. Thankfully, my love for my ma is not based on my time management, and she knows that I love her.

When considering a gift or a card for your mother, the commercial hype guilt trips you into pointless, tacky, waste of money, lack of function gifts that cost a fortune. At least this is my excuse for not taking part. The big question that we should be asking is this. What does every mother want? What do they really want? Any gift is normally greeted with a remark of, “you shouldn’t have wasted your money!” When this comes from my ma this is not a self indulged, cryptic response that really means thank you. This is a woman who means, “you idiot. Stop wasting your money.”

So what do mothers really want? Jonathan Thomas attempts to answer this from Ephesians 5 here.


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The Unquenchable Flame


I have to say, with slight embarrassment, that I have had this book in my possession for about four years and it is only now that I am unfolding the pages. Having to, first, blow the heavy build up of dust off the front cover I opened the the book resting my focus on the pages that met my tired eyes around 1am last night. Read more ›

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Well worth a watch. It’s Dai and his ‘spoken-word’ aka poetry. Enjoy!

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