Uno Pedro

1 Peter has to be one of my favorite books of the bible (I say that about every book when I am reading it, isn’t God’s word brilliant?). Wyn, an elder in church, has been encouraging folk to read Peter’s letter and that is what I am doing.

It is great how things seem to tie in together. When I read 1 Peter I see clearly how my study of transformation and the role of the church in this fits nicely in to this letter. We see who Jesus is, what he has achieved, what he has done for Christians – how can we not trust this Jesus?

We are God’s people. We are a chosen race, a royal priesthood. A holy nation. None of these phrases that Peter uses describe an individual, rather he is describing the church. A collective body of Christ followers is what I see, whom have received great mercy from God and given such a blessing in the shape of being God’s people. Fantastic.

There is a real sense of sanctification and what it looks like in 1 Peter. We are called to ‘be holy.’ ‘Abstain from passions of the flesh.’ We are a holy nation, it would make sense for us to strive to be like that. But we can only be a holy nation because of Jesus, so we must trust him in this work of sanctification.

What is my point? Well, look at Christ. Is he king? Is he king of your heart? Is he your savior? The things most dear to us are made obvious to those around us. Our spouses, our families, jobs, house, car, hobbies, sport…what about Jesus the King? is it obvious that he has done a miraculous work in your heart? I am not suggesting we try harder, I am suggesting we look at Jesus. That we look and see who he really is and that when we see him we might trust him and love him. We need him.


am Jamie, and I am a Christ follower. I love Jesus but more importantly he loves me and made the ultimate sacrifice of his son so that all the things I have done, and will do, have been forgiven. And now I know God, and I pursue to know him more. Motivated and transformed by his grace I live for God, to glorify him by enjoying him.

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2 comments on “Uno Pedro
  1. Are you beginning to succumb to the corporate nature of Christian faith by any chance?

  2. jamiehurd says:

    I don’t know if ‘succumb’ is the right word, but you could say that I am enjoying the idea of unity and community…

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