Wales and the gospel

Did anyone see ‘week in, week out’ on BBC1 Wales on Tuesday evening?

I can’t say I’ve ever watched it before, but this weeks show was entitled ‘born again Wales’ and looked out why evangelical churches are growing whilst Church in Wales congregations are dwindling.

As with any programme specifically about Christianity, I watched with hesitancy and fear. But, I thought it was pretty fair and generally positive, despite the cringe-worthy dancing. Two things especially struck me, one encouraging and one not so…

1 – The documentary clearly showed evangelicals as Christians who try to present the gospel message in a modern way, relevant to twenty-first century life, whilst not compromising the teachings of the Bible. We haven’t invented new doctrines, or distorted biblical truth, but we do apply it to today – hopefully! This timeless message is still attractive today and is evidently transforming lives in Wales!

Bible2 – The reaction to this evangelical commitment to biblical truth and doctrine was one of amazement. The presenter talked of the ‘controversial’ belief that the Bible is to be taken as an accurate, historical book that we actually believe. Whilst the Archbishop of Wales commented that the problem with evangelicals is that they see things as black and white. What kind of crazy world are we in where it is thought strange that a Christian should actually believe the Bible as God given, unchanging truth and where the idea that there is right and wrong, truth and lies is laughable?

Watch it here.

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