A Grand Day Out

a taste of the shire

a taste of the shire

This past week I have been enjoying the beauty of the English countryside, returning to the shire to visit friends and family as well as recharging my batteries before starting Relay. I have to say that my ma’s cooking is worth being home for.

Since being home I have enjoyed meeting up with some people and rekindling the relationships of the past. Possibly the most encouraging part of the past week has been meeeting up with a buddy for a one to one bible study. I have been using him as a crash test dummy really, going through Colossians in order to understand it before Relay 1.

Today I met up with a couple of buddies and we went for a nice walk into the rural wilderness, a gentle 14 mile bumble through fields and streams, passing abandoned barns and a rolling countryside. We stopped off at the famous Jessica’s tea shop in a small village by the name of Weekley for refreshments and possibly the nicest lemon cake to have visited my taste buds. With the important refreshments decided upon we relaxed in the gardens and did a bible study on Colossians 1:15 to 23.

I have to say it was APZ. Looking at the supremacy of Christ, and how he redeemed us even though we were his enemy. I do love the letter to the Colossians, covered in Christ. It was a real encouragement to share honestly with the boys and to encourage one another to live Christ centred lives, and desire a deep rooted relationship with Him.


On  different note, this picture I found in Kettering train station. A cat who died on my birthday who was ginger!


am Jamie, and I am a Christ follower. I love Jesus but more importantly he loves me and made the ultimate sacrifice of his son so that all the things I have done, and will do, have been forgiven. And now I know God, and I pursue to know him more. Motivated and transformed by his grace I live for God, to glorify him by enjoying him.

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2 comments on “A Grand Day Out
  1. gruff says:

    I think you should take the message of APZ as far as it will go. Next year’s Wales team and Relay team will all be using it I’m sure. Glad you’re enjoying Colossians mate. I really enjoyed Exodus 12 last night in church. It’s just the message of the gospel – God is the offended party who demands punishment but He is also the provider of the rescue. APZ indeed.

  2. jonnyboy87 says:

    not me 🙂

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