men and women only.

Dear blog readers,

A while back Jamie made a blog post entitled ‘men only’, recommending a short book by Mark Driscol on dealing with sexual temptation. It’s a really helpful book, hence I’m plugging it again. Although as the title of the post suggests – this ones for the guys!

inner strength! :)

inner strength 🙂

In addition, I have come across a brilliant little article by the legend that is John Piper, which is written for both men and women. It’s a short and snappy tool to help fight (unhealthy) sexual temptation, although I’m sure it could be applied to any type of temptation to disobey God.

I have found it very helpful and would love to share it with you too, if you haven’t seen it before. What I really love about it is that although there are 6 points to his action plan, half of them are the same! It’s all about looking to Jesus, not looking to some non-existent ‘inner strength’.

So give it a read, right here 🙂

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