I love this time of year – the last few tense and unpredictable weekends of football before the summer begins. Will Alan ‘the legend’ Shearer be able to rescue Premiership giants Newcasle from relegation? Will Man U fluff it? Will Liverpool get any rewards for scoring millions of goals and keeping us all entertained? Will Bangor City beat Aberystwyth Town in the final of the Welsh Cup? Personally I’m hoping to see Norwich City get relegated after being battered by the mighty Ipswich Town in one of their last championship games!

peacockIt seems that just about everyone in this crazy country loves football. Even the christian union girls are playing against cardiff CU this wednesday! But there is so much more to life than football!! I’ve just read a quality article about ex-premiership midfielder Gavin Peacock, in which he shares his passion for God and the good news about how we can know him. He’s given up being paid to talk about football, a job many of us could only dream of, to talk about Jesus instead.

Interestingly the journalist seems to suggest Peacock’s gone a bit too far and is too radical, that he has lost the plot. But he hasn’t lost the plot at all, in fact he seems to have his head firmly screwed on. He’s right in saying we’re not living radically enough and most christians, including myself, are lukewarm and not radical enough. We need a bigger view of God and his gospel!

Also, it’s great to see that he wants to use his talents and knowledge of the beautiful game to glorify God. To reach ordinary guys who love playing footy with the good news. He’s clearly not scared to say knowing Christ is far superior to playing top flight football – which is so obviously true, yet I still struggle to be so fearless and honest with my mates.

In Christ is real and lasting joy. Football is a fantastic gift given by a loving God for our enjoyment, but lets worship the giver not the gift!

read the article at:

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7 comments on “Gavla
  1. jonnyboy87 says:

    just realised that once again dave bish has read jjb, magically gone back in time and written a better blog post on the exact same subject as me! next time i’m just going to write “see blue fish project for more details.”

  2. Actually Jonny, i liked yours better. Nice one sir.

    Gavin Peacock commented on the other day…

  3. Do you guys realise that your blog is broken? Where is the side bar stuff?

  4. jonnyboy87 says:

    er, yeh it’s intentional – minimalist look. thanks, didn’t realise, we’ll have to get someone who actually knows how to use a computer to sort it out for us!

    amazing! you’re practically friends with Gavin Peacock!

  5. Tommy G says:

    Great article, the comments on it though are interesting, especially those from the atheists. They have nothing to say except basically Gav’s a fool. It’s just amazing how testimonies are so powerful nobody can come up with a reasoned argument against them

  6. jonnyboy87 says:

    yeh thats an interesting if sad point.

    it’s also symptomatic of our 21st century culture, in which most of us don’t use that amazing organ stored in between our ears to think seriously about life, beyond getting the next meal and what to wear in the morning.

  7. dave bish says:

    by all means link to me, but don’t stop writing your own stuff.

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