I am very excited about the following post…

aslan-edmundSo I was looking for something to watch on the BBC i-player this evening that might be vaguely interesting and one programme caught my eye… The Narnia Code.

Knowing that C.S. Lewis was a genuine Christian man, loving his narnia tales and other of his works and also knowing that the BBC is an increasingly anti-Christian, atheistic organisation – I was not expecting it to be good. Finding out it was about some academic who claimed he’s cracked a secret code in the narnia books reminded me of the Da Vinci code and I was expecting something equally as ridiculous.

Admitedly the hour-long documentary took a while to get in to, but it was fantastic! It portrayed Lewis as a committed and passionate disciple of Jesus, who sought to question our ‘enlightened’ and rational world through his books. That was great and I was pleased they didn’t seperate his faith from his writings. But the best bit was that Lewis’ faith which I share was not ridiculed, dissmissed or shot down as intellectual suicide.  In fact the Christian faith was portrayed as reasonable and thoroughly defensible from any attack.

bbcIt was so refreshing to see something broadcast which did not pander to the aethism and disbelief of Dawkins and others who hold so much influence in our culture. Instead it questioned the strength of their arguments and encouraged people, especially students and school kids not to just blindly accept what science tells them is ‘fact’.

They didn’t just reject science but  simply pointed out that studying science does not have the ability to answer the spiritual questions about life that we all have.

Would love everyone to watch this programme, especially the last 15 – 20 minutes.

Here’s the link: http://www.bbc.co.uk/iplayer/episode/b00jz2qp/The_Narnia_Code/

logo-thinkWatch it. Tell your friends. God is real. The universe is clearly the handiwork of an Almighty God. Just because science tells you it’s not true doesn’t mean they’re correct. If Professor Dawkins told you to jump off a bridge would you do it? Even amazing-er he is not just some ‘out there’ cosmic God, he is personal, relational, willing and able to forgive! He sent Jesus so we can know him! FANTASTIC!

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6 comments on “I am very excited about the following post…
  1. It’s as if you two are now on commission for iPlayer or something!?!?

    Dave Bish also just posted about this on thebluefish.org

    I may watch it this afternoon.

  2. agyapw says:

    Wow, I’m glad this made it onto TV – and BBC One at that! The last 15 minutes were very good at debunking the idea that science leads you to atheism. Loved the bit about the star – “We’ve been deluded into thinking that those facts presented to us in those reductive books are the only facts available about being and about life … There’s always more. There’s a lovely moment in the Voyage of the Dawn Treader where they meet a start who is also a person in this mythological world and Eustace says … “In our world a star is a ball of dust and gas and temperature exploding in the vacuum of space” or something like that and the star … says to her “Even in your world, that’s not what a star is, it’s only what it’s made of”… to discover what something is made of is not to discover what it really is.”

    Have you seen this book? Very good exploration of C.S. Lewis’ ideas on all sorts of things from an evangelical perspective.

  3. louis says:

    as minor investors in this well-made documentary, my wife & i were praying that some would ‘idly’ switch on their TV & be richly blessed. glad that you watched & enjoyed NC.

    30 years ago, someone must have been praying the same. i ‘idly’ switched on a TV without reference to programme guides. what coincided with that was another Norman Stone drama-documentary: THE DIFFERENT DRUMMER. that was about the blind / deaf Cornish poet, Jack Clemo.


    i became good friends with Clemo & Stone as a result of that programme.

    God is good…..

  4. dave bish says:

    It’s v.interesting that the Beeb have had Deborah Drapper, Trouble in Amish Paradise and this in recent months. Very positive, given things are normally so heavily Dawkinsian, maybe it’s some recognition that Darwin is getting so much airtime this year, maybe just some talented programme makers…

  5. agyapw says:

    There was also Did Darwin Kill God? on BBC 2 a while ago…

  6. bob says:


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