less than 48 hours to go

untitled2It seems that the countdown clock to new word alive has temporarily run out of steam, but I will take on the baton. 2 days left to go, and we’ll be there sat in a big tent with loads of other christians praising God and listening to him speaking!

My prayer is that He does speak, and speak to me. That if and when this does happen that it will not just give me a short-term conference boost but produce lasting fruit to make me more like Christ! I wait in expectation.

I know what you’ve thinking, as the countdown has progressed over the last few days…it all sounds great but I’m not going to new word alive cos I can’t afford it and its in an obscure village in north Wales that I can’t even pronounce or spell, but I really wish I was going. Well, let us go for you! That’s right, jjb brings new word alive to you, via free daily video diary updates. It will be like you’re there with us!

If you want to make the experience even more interactive, why ask us questions via the blog?!

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3 comments on “less than 48 hours to go
  1. Andrew Budd says:

    I wonder what your first meal tomorrow evening will be like….? Perhaps you could review that since the first meeting doesn’t start until 8:30pm;)

  2. Andrew Budd says:

    And by the way, contrary to popular belief, it won’t be chips…..

  3. And the first instalment is where?

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