Leviticus 5

223695882_ee8f28b0f8Leviticus is a book that many people joke about, including myself before I was saved. When I was an unsaved teenager I knew little of the Bible, but I knew there was a book in it called Leviticus and it had funny rules in it like ‘do not lie with an ox.’ When you are an inmate teenager that is hilarious.

Now I am a Christian the book is no longer funny, but unfortunately it has become tagged as a very dull book. One of the books to be read quickly, just a list of boring rules.

However, I believe the book has a lot to offer us, it is the Word of God after all. I have started reading it and I am really enjoying it. It is about the unfolding of the divine-human relationship. Not only that, the book describes how the Israelites can deal with their sin and impurity so that the Lord God can dwell amongst them. How can that be boring or dull?!

Chapter five was what I read today, and what I want to share is how God cares so much about His people that all can make an offering that is acceptable, regardless of their economic situation. It ensures that every Israelite has the ability to present an atoning sacrifice regardless of how poor they are. This can be found in verses seven to thirteen.

So I think we can conclude that God is an amazing God, and we need to really meditate on His Word. Who would have thought Leviticus could be so exciting?

Peace Out.


am Jamie, and I am a Christ follower. I love Jesus but more importantly he loves me and made the ultimate sacrifice of his son so that all the things I have done, and will do, have been forgiven. And now I know God, and I pursue to know him more. Motivated and transformed by his grace I live for God, to glorify him by enjoying him.

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