procrastination, peyton and praise

This shouldn’t be a long post cos I’m supposed to be writing my dissertation at the moment, but I thought “oh I’ll just check the blog see whats going down.” Next thing you know you’ve clicked on ‘new post’ and you’re fingers are typing!

Well really, I wanted to write about CU (thats Christian Union, of the Swansea University variety) last night. Having been going to CU throughout my uni career I feel so privileged to have been in so many events and meetings that have inspired me and challenged me to pursue holiness. Last night was one such meeting.

A very cool dude named Peyton Jones of Pillar church Swansea gave a very clear, simple and too the point gospel message. It was so refreshing to hear the gospel laid out so simply, so truthfully and so confidently. At the same time being able to make people laugh and getting across the truth – a difficult balance I’m sure. I wish we could have had praise at the end of the talk and not before – because thats what it left me wanting to do.

God was honoured and stereotypes, the Devil must love to see non-christians and christians alike fall for, were smashed to pieces. He is not a kill joy, he does not delight in us being sent to Hell and messing up the world and he is loving, allowing us freedom to live how we want to.

I also got asked to tell my story of how I got saved, which was scary but an immense privilege to share with a room full of people. The point is it’s not about me or about Peyton Jones, but its about God – we’re the idiots who mess everything up and cause suffering, in him is all happiness, truth, life and satisfaction. Yet so often we think and act as if the opposite is true!

pray that we would stop stealing God’s glory and see him more as he really is!

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