a practical day


This morning I set up camp in Starbucks, a place of coffee and relaxation. I ordered my cup of joes and a slab of cheese cake (an amazing choice for breakfast) and began to ponder my thoughts. I felt like I should have been dressed in a sharp 60s style suit, sporting a trilby hat, a cigarette in mouth and a bit of Frank (Sinartra) playing in the background.

I began to consider all the information I had absorbed over the weekend, and what kept coming back to me was how Christians tend to be tight and miserable. I am like this most of the time. So i put into practice the old tipping idea, slipping a few coins into the jar. Now it is important to state for all those out there wishing to point the finger at me and claim I am a legalistic pharisee (if you wish to go ahead) that my tipping activity is here to encourage rather than to portray myself as a great moral man. I am not a good person. This fact has been highlighted when a two year old boy has become fond of calling me ‘Naughty Jamie.’ He is spot on.
I just think, as Christians, we need to show we care about people and being a generous bunch of people helps. Tipping is just the start.

The Big Issue sellers are another group who we could be nice to. I see the same guy standing outside Waterstones every week, so today I bought a Big Issue. Despite the fact that he kept the change, even though that had not been my intension, he was very nice. Just a young lad, without much in life. I always look at the homeless and think meh, they don’t deserve my money. I guess that’s the point. They don’t deserve it, but I don’t deserve to be saved, but I am. So lets get rid of this idea that people don’t deserve our time or our money.

Let’s start being more generous to people, imagine the witness. Who cares about Jesus when his people are bored, miserable folk who have no time for anyone. But what about those folk who seem to be different? Think about it, think think about it just like the Flight of the Conchords say.

Peace Out.


am Jamie, and I am a Christ follower. I love Jesus but more importantly he loves me and made the ultimate sacrifice of his son so that all the things I have done, and will do, have been forgiven. And now I know God, and I pursue to know him more. Motivated and transformed by his grace I live for God, to glorify him by enjoying him.

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3 comments on “a practical day
  1. I don’t think it makes Christ look good if we compare Big Issue sales people to those who ‘interfere’ with poorly monkeys. I’m ashamed of you hurd.

  2. jamiehurd says:

    I am ashamed of my actions, but the song is awesome and therefore has to remain. I would compare the big issue sellers with the ‘man half dead with knives and forks sticking out of his legs.’ Or maybe the guy ‘lying on the street some punks chopped of his head, and I’m the only one who stops to see if he’s dead.’
    People pass by ignoring them, that is the link.

  3. gruff says:

    “can somebody please remove these cutleries from my knees please” 🙂 brilliant

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