red nose day and God

rnd1For the first time in my life I was in on red nose day evening and so sat down, all by myself, with cup of tea in hand to watch the box. The fact that I was quite content to be in and alone probably says a lot about my life now as I have began the downward descent from 21. 


smithyengland01Anyway, I have to say I loved watching comic relief. Asides from the cheesy gags, unfunny celebrities trying to be funny and inappropriate inuendos, it was great. Smithy and the English footy team has already gone down as comedy legend in my book. And so far the event has raised £59,187,065 for great causes. Some of the stories of the people they’re trying to help were heart breaking – kids and adults suffering from disease, abuse, poverty, neglect, berievement, hunger, mental health issues etc. The list goes on.

It all left me feeling several things. Firstly, how selfish and self-obsessed I am. I don’t know the first thing about this intensity of suffering and prefer to ignore it rather than discomfort myself. I’m ashamed by what God has to say on the subject…If anyone has material possessions and sees his brother in need but has no pity on him, how can the love of God be in him? Dear children, let us not love with words or tongue but with actions and in truth.’ 1 John 3v17&18.

Secondly, if we, including the tearful celebrities who visited the sufferers, feel pain and hurt at the state of the world (and anyone who says the world isn’t in a mess is fooling themselves!) how much more must the creator and father of us all feel it?!

money_treeLastly, it left me thinking surely just throwing money at the problems is not the answer. I’m not saying money cannot help relieve such problems and I’m definately not saying we shouldn’t give from our abundance to those in need. But are the givers really any better off – we have everything we need – fantastic schools and universities, advanced medicine, police, hospitals, plenty of food, clean drinking water, santitation etc. What if that 60 million pounds was all given to one single African family – would it really solve all their problems? No, becuase suffering goes deeper than material possessions – money cannot help heal a hurting soul.

Our biggest problem is that we don’t realise we’ve broken God’s heart time and time again. But the great thing is He is willing and also able to forgive us and mend the broken relationship that is the root cause of all suffering and pain in the world!


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