Name and shame

In the recent JJB poll, it was found that 57% of readers voted starbucks as their coffee making establishment of choice. A further 36% of voters selected other and only one person was brave enough to vote costa their favourite. As it happens that was actually me – mainly to wind up a certain starbucks loving blog writer who keeps the Swansea establishment running!

It seems no one appreciates the coffee costa brew.

According to one reader, “Costa is not coffee, it’s just not…if only they served coffee, which they don’t, they just serve dirty, tasteless water.” Although it seems the same ardent critic of costa, who shall remain nameless, is actually a closet costa fan!image030

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6 comments on “Name and shame
  1. jamiehurd says:


    I thought you were a reliable man, but your actions have proven to me otherwise. I don’t think I can ever drink coffee with you ever again. I cannot run the risk.


  2. Larry says:

    Another reason you can’t trust him is that he wears mannigans.
    He is indeed a loser

  3. I’m not going to lie, I did say those things. But also, this fioto is a fake. And I can tell you for why as well.

    Anyone who knows me knows that I drink with my little finger sticking out. I am a public school boy after all. Check out the fioto. The pinky is clearly curled in!

    Also, my nose isn’t that big…sherly!

  4. jonnyboy87 says:

    The pinky is clearly on its way

  5. jamiehurd says:

    I have a confession to make to Larry. I too, like Samantha, wear mannigans. It has been eating me up inside and I had to say something. In my defense, my gut doesn’t stick out like a certain someone who seems to be named and shamed a lot on this blog, which means the mannigan looks slightly better.

  6. There’s an illustration of sin here:

    I knew it wasn’t right. I still did it. Some how my ‘flesh’ was telling me to do it, even though my heart said it was just dirty water. And what was the result? It didn’t satisfy, it didn’t live up to the promise of Satan that it would be ‘even better’ than Starbucks. I just felt dirty, as dirty as the ‘coffee’ I had drunk.

    Pray for me brothers that I don’t fall like this again.

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