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p1010022Jamie, or Jamil as he has been affectionately renamed by our new Croatian friend, has already shared some stuff from our ‘free week’. There’s so much that could be said – last week was great, I learnt a lot personally and felt like I went through every possible human emotion in the week. Here are a few simple thoughts, lessons, encourgements, experiences in no particular order…

#1 – PRAYER WORKS! I was helping advertise a lunch-talk on the Tuesday afternoon, a christian response to environmental issues. Students were walking by, all disinterested and trying anyway possible to avoid me – very disheartening. As soon as I prayed for conversations, one of my coursemates came by and I was able to have a brief but worhtwhile chat with him. No sooner had he gone and a journalist, working with the BBC website came up to me and asked if we’d be interested in summarising our message on camera for a project to be launched online in March. Small things but great.

#2 APATHY AND HEDONISM SWAMP OUR NATION. Just saw again, the Devil has so, so many people blinded using these two tactics. The desire to be loved and know God is in us all, but we’re blind. Instead Satan offers alcohol, sex, drugs, music, ‘good times’, money, friends. None satisfy. Combined with this is the total lack of thinking that pervades so many. Most people I met told me they believed in a god – but after that they simply haven’t bothered to think what he’s like, where he can be found and if the message we offered could have any truth in it – left me feeling frustrated and powerless to help! Both these forces, which affect all, christians and non-christians to a greater or lesser extent need to be broken by the Spirit of God, and Him alone!

#3 WHAT IS FREEDOM? Lindsay Brown’s explanation of biblical freedom really helped me this week. I’ve struggled to grasp what exactly us offering freedom really means. But that’s because I was thinking about worldly freedom, that is freedom to do whatever you like, whenever you like, with and to whoever you like, how ever you like. This ends in sin, havoc, pain and suffering. Instead, God has given us limits because he’s our father and creator, he knows whats best for us. But when we are truly in Christ, we are free in the best possible sense of the word! 🙂

#4 GOD SAVES DESPITE OUR FAILINGS. He did on Monday night! wow! 🙂p1010004a

#5 FANTASTIC NEW FRIENDS, WITH FANTASTIC STORIES. Jamie has already shared that we had some intenational guests with us – they had amazing stories of God saving them! One guy, Slavko, an ex-gang member in Bosnia was saved when war tore his country apart. Remarakabley his mother was saved at the same time, in complete isolation from him. What assurance of his love to them! He has clearly faced some tough times – rejection and illness, seen and done some hard things – but he was a living testimony to God’s work I hope not to forget for a long time – a real hero of the faith!

that will do for now!

pic: Slavko and Jamil.

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6 comments on “more observations
  1. sammydaviesjr says:

    Quality Stuff!

    Bangor just had their first follow up CE with people reached on the mission. Oh, and some new guy who hadn’t been. God works despite me!

  2. terry b says:

    It’s cool to hear of God’s working in the lives of those in Bosnia, a country I’m embarrassed to say that I know almost nothing about. Now when I think of the country I’ll be reminded of Slavko and his mom and God’s graciousness towards them!

  3. jonnyboy87 says:

    praise God!

    Im thinking some research and a blog post on Bosnia is in order at some point soon. The church is, apparently, young and free from divisions so much different to the UK!

    Slavko is a legend – I wish I could put him in a suitcase, carry him around with me and introduce him to everyone.

  4. dave says:

    good luck finding carrying him….he’s huge!

    you could get him to put you in a suitcase and carry you about- much more realistic!

  5. jamiehurd says:

    man he is a giant. I look like a midget next to him!

    A good post my friend, the most interesting point for me was the one on apathy. So often I find people saying there is a God, but that’s it. Think man think!!!! If there is a God what does this mean????

    SO yeah good post


  6. jonnyboy87 says:

    love that picture so much!

    it’s funny cos its true – no editing at all! Jamil isn’t exactly a weedy man, but Slavko is a beast – I would never mess with him. But he’s truly a gentle giant

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