Curious indeed


The curious case of Benjamin Button. This is the title of the latest film I’ve been to see and I think I enjoyed it, although it’s one of those films where ‘enjoy’ isn’t the right word as death and sadness were constant throughout.

But I think ‘curious’ is the word I’d use to describe the film (funnily enough).

The film is based on a very simple idea, Daisy (Cate Blanchet) and Benjamin (Brad Pitt) are similar ages but she’s getting older with time (like everyone else) and he’s getting younger.

I expected it to be boring (it’s nearly 3 hours long), predictable and well, just plain silly. But actually, I ‘enjoyed’ it.

They say that the simplest ideas are the best. Obviously the idea of someone ageing backwards is fiction, but just to forget that for a while and imagine what it would be like was very thought provoking. The film threw up loads of interesting scenarios and difficulties that shed light on human emotions, how we experience life and deal with death.

There were plenty of deep, philosophical themes and quotes in the film, which I guess you’ll either love or you’ll hate (perhaps a test for whether you’ll like the film in general).

At one point Daisy comments that “we all end up in diapers.” The inevitability of death.

The bit that struck me was when Daisy asked Benjamin what it’s like getting younger and being different to everyone else and he replies “It’s hard to tell. I’m always lookin’ out of my own eyes.” Made me think how much we judge people, sometimes solely, by their external appearance.

At first glance, a silly film with an unrealistic plot but if you get into it there’s plenty to think about and stretch your mind.

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